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I am a Care Coordinator and in short link people to services. I have referred many of my clients to Kairos Counseling for several reasons. First is their amazing ability to help those with a variety of things; depression, anxiety, substance abuse and the list goes on. I have actually referred to each provider in this office and one after the other each are amazing clinicians. I refer my clients to this agency because each clinician has the best interest of my clients at heart. Example; I referred to a specific clinician because of her level of patience and compassion for the SMI population. She did not have any new patient appointments as she was completely booked. BUT…she actually rearranged some things and took the client very early in the morning...every week. I don’t know if anyone knows how hard it is to be “on” super early but it’s tough and this clinician did it for the betterment of my client. Each person I have referred to Kairos Counseling has been very happy with the services they have received. I will continue to refer to Kairos Counseling .... amazing people who care!


Our Location & Parking

There is free 3 hr parking at the 

Sophia Street Parking Garage

  • 600 Sophia Street

  • Fredericksburg, VA 22401

Office Location

308 Wolfe St

2nd Floor

Fredericksburg, VA 22401

Office Phone: 540-370-6983

Fax: 540-427-7912

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